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    A webserver set up inside VmWare Player : how to interact with it ?

    Hello !

    A very short introduction, I'm familiar with linux though still a newbie in many regards, my profile is more that of a user than of an admin, if you see the idea. I got used to linux mostly because I'm a webmaster for many sites (as a hobby), and, from a hosting plan to another, as my traffic grew, as growing adsense earnings covered growing hosting fees, I ended up having a dedicated server.
    I'm doing lots of command line stuff with putty, but the biggest, the main piece, installing the OS and setting up the system panel, security and options, was made by a contractor, with whom I'm in business relations when complicated stuff comes up (I've stopped feeling guilty for what I can't do, hiring pros is better, often).

    And now (sorry for the intro !), my question. This is really silly, but I seem to have a block, I've been searching for quite a while, I just don't find how to make it work O_o

    I want to train myself until I become able to at least install a new OS to my dedicated server, and set it up. So, rather than paying for a new dedi, I thought I'd use virtualization on my PC.
    I'm running windows7 mainly, with VmWare Player as virtualization program.
    I created a new virtual machine, installed Debian on it, installed webmin (wget, dpkg... outside internet connexions work at least).
    And then, as I was getting to configure it, before adding virtualmin...
    The shock : how the hell will I be able to connect by SSH to this virtual machine ?!?

    I feel really stupid, there must be a solution somewhere, but... argh, I'm sorry, I don't find how it can be done.
    As it is, my debian server, supposedly listening to SSH and available (or so said the installation program once it ended) on localhost:10000, is isolated, all alone inside its virtualized realm.

    Would you know how I can manage to connect to my local debian server, through ssh over putty, to test setting up my dedi ?

    So, well, yeah, this is really newbie material, but I am a newbie after all

    Thank you SO MUCH if you know how that could be done

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    Hi, A vritual machine acts just like another computer on a network. With vmplayer you can see the linux desktop or console as it were a real machine, so just find out what ip address the virtual machine has and then from windows you can ssh to that address ssh or to webmin . If you dont find an ip address in the virtual machine just set the network settings on vmware to NAT (You should have bridge, nat or host options).

    Good luck

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    I don't know if vmware is the same as virtualbox, but for that you have to change the network from nat to bridged and tell it which physical card to use if you want the vm and host to talk to each other over the network.
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    Elija, Arespi, thank you dearly for your replies

    In two days, I'll be able to look into that, hopefully your help will be enough, I will see

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