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    Basic Text Scans Huge File Size

    Hi All,

    I'm having problems finding software that scans a letter size piece of paper(s) at a reasonable size. I have always used gimp for scanning but the file sizes are just absurd. I have an assignment due in the next couple days that will require me scanning a few pages of notes that I have and using gimp I'm looking at >10 megs for just regular text.

    Suggestions on what I should use? I just need good quality black/white scans in pdf form (I can convert if needed from another format). Currently I scan to jpg with gimp and then resize the scans down (which always seems strange as I just want a copy of the letter size but gimp pushes it to some absurd 24" x 36" or something like that) put all jpg's in one folder then merge into a pdf but like I said, 10 megs is crazy for 5-6 pages of text.

    Thanks in advance
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    I use scanimage. You can set the resolution to whatever you want:
    scanimage -p --resolution 300 --mode Color > scan-130901080855.pnm
    is a typical command that I use for pictures, but it produces files of just over 26MB. It works good for cropping. For text, "--resolution 150 --mode Gray" looks fine, and produces files 2,226,187 bytes.

    To get a PDF, I'd go
    pnmtops scan-130901080855.pnm >
    Now I have scan.pdf of 118044 bytes that looks fine to me.

    Of course you can script this for assembly lining the repetitive process of many documents.

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