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    Question just started my way on Linux administration , need help

    Hello guys,
    this is my first post here, surprised with the existence of such wonderful community and hope to be a useful part of it.
    i have 3 years of experience working a web developer when i discovered that i'm really in love with Linux and i decided to switch my career towards Linux administration, i have a not-bad knowledge as a regular user with very basic administrative tasks that i got through while deploying / testing my web projects.
    what i am trying to find is a sort of "detailed list" of tasks i should be able to do in order to be qualified enough to apply for a full time entry level Linux administrator job, i went through some books like "Linux Bible" and VTC tutorials, but i prefer a task-oriented approach, any advice will be appreciated , thanks !

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    Have a look at the LPI requirements, if you can handle them then you should be OK. If you pass the exams then even better. Also take a look at the Red Hat requirements which will help. RHCSA and RHCE.
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    thanks a lot , i am checking them now ... would still like to hear more opinions

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    You could start working on login scripts or even pre login scripts.
    Different distros and versions use a variety of display managers (DMs). Learning the locations of the startup across our how to point to a startup script in CentOS and Fedora as well as Debian and Ubuntu.
    I learned a lot about this trying to get Synergy working at the login screen so I could use one mouse and keyboard to login on all three of my Synergy machines.

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