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    Angry Hey im curly im not new to forums just linux.. lol

    Okay so I found this forum searching for an answer to a problem I have. I am a freshman in college in electrical engineering. I have owned my own gaming forums and web design forums. I also mess with ipb over vbulletin preference for me developing wise lol any ways. I bought a panel pc called the web dt 880 it is kind of slow and came running with a Linux based gui that I have no idea how to delete and reinstall something else. It boots up shows a menu for the software then opens a firefox browser which I cant close saying it cant connect to the server being the other component to the system. It came with a home automation software called cortexa except the company closed down and no longer supports anything. I want to reinstall a windows copy of xp or ce 6 embedded or something to remote connect to my home pc and control music apps etc.. but cannot uninstall Linux I need help and any ideas or tutorials please help I am a newbie to Linux I have more details but I will link you to the specs of the machine and ideas on how to clean the hdd and reinstall fresh. Thanks Curly!!!

    Plan on learning more Linux to so expect me around thanks

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    Howdy and Welcome.
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    Welcome to the forums, we're glad you took the time to join us here.
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    Welcome Curly.

    I'd stay with Linux those tabletss usualy have small CPU's and a heavy OS like Windows will probably be real sluggish.
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    Welcome to the forums curly. Glad to have you join us.
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    howdy and welcome, Curly!

    i'm w/docbop, stick with Linux. Anyway, whatever OS you choose, the installer for it should support completely wiping out the partition table. I do the same w/both Windows and Linux all the time. Then repartition and reformat, and presto, original OS gonzo.

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