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Thread: can't login

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    can't login

    i decided to develop my knowledge of Linux and the the command line with ssh & telnet

    I'm working through some exercise from the site i came across in Google but can't seam to find an answer to the solution's anywhere

    here is the question

    User "bill" reports that when he tries to log in, the system immediately kicks him out. He tells you that his password is "bill" (i.e. the same as his username). He accidentally left himself logged in during a lab and maybe someone did something to his account?

    whats the cause of him being kicked out immediately & how do i fix it

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    At first glance, I believe the user had his password changed. If this is a machine others use, then they would have been trained in how to change their password once logged in. You may be able to check the logs for any password changes, then check the time and date of the change.

    In debian, you check "/var/log/messages" and "/var/log/secure"

    Also, if you log in as a user that has sudo access, you can change the users password back. That should solve the login issue.

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