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    Output jacks problem on LM15, LM16rc, Ubuntu and on openSUSE 13.1

    A friend of mine recommended me to try Linux on my laptop, ASUSK55VD, using Ubuntu 12.04 in particular.

    I downloaded the livedvd of Ubuntu 12.04, booted the dvd an got into a desktop. One thing I've noticed right away is that Bluetooth is detected, installed, and working while it's not working on Windows (currently installed on my laptop).

    Also, I've noticed that with Ubuntu 12.04, my internal speakers are working but if I plugged in a headset or an external speakers, there's no sound. As if there's no audio coming out from the output jack of my laptop.

    I've tried downloading other versions and booted livedvd of Ubuntu 12.10, 13.04, 13.10 and got the same problem.

    I did the same on Linux Mint 15 and 16RC and got the same problem.

    Yesterday, I downloaded the KDE Live of openSUSE 13.1 and still got the same problem.

    Is my output jack not yet supported on Linux?

    I posted the same question 2 days ago on Ubuntu forums and on Linux Mint forums and got nothing. (not allowed to post URL's).

    It's not that I'm comparing but currently, both internal speakers and output jack is working on my Windows installation. Except for Bluetooth. Bluetooth is not working on Windows but is working on Linux.

    Is it possible that my laptop is still not supported by Linux?

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    hello and welcome, intealliance!

    have you played w/alsamixer yet?

    the various controls should be listed in the menu when you run the program. make sure the output jack is not muted or too low.

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