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    For me it's scripting:
    Tradeoffs between CLI and Visual Interfaces

    The CLI style of early Unix has retained its utility long after the demise of teletypes for two reasons. One is that command-line and command-language interfaces are more expressive than visual interfaces, especially for complex tasks. The other is that CLI interfaces are highly scriptable — they readily support the combining of programs, as we discussed in detail in Chapter 7. Usually (though not always) CLIs have an advantage in concision as well.

    The disadvantage of the CLI style, of course, is that it almost always has high mnemonic load (low ease), and usually has low transparency. Most people (especially non-technical end users) find such interfaces relatively cryptic and difficult to learn.

    On the other hand, the ‘user-friendly’ GUIs of other operating systems have their own problems. Finding the right buttons to push is like playing Adventure: the interfaces are just as burdensome as any Unix command line interface, save that one can in theory find the treasure by sufficient exploration. In Unix, one needs the manual.

    -- Brian Kernighan
    The Art of Unix Programming at The Art of Unix Programming

    A downloadable or purchasable article on the command line by Neal Stephenson can be found at C R Y P T O N O M I C O N

    Best wishes ... cheers, drl
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    Quote Originally Posted by mxmaniac View Post
    Why can't software simply install into a program files folder like windows
    GNU/Linux is not for everyone - if you're not willing to change how you work and approach this, then "trying to like" GNU/Linux will be a futile exercise. From your perspective GNU/Linux distros are doing it all wrong because they're not like windows, from many other people's perspective, they're correct and windows is the wrong way. It's called - choice: use what you like.

    *Poor analogy warning* If I like to drink cappuccino, eat panettone and panini's, etc - I don't head to my local public house/bar and complain that they don't sell them and ask them to make me a coffee, turn off the TV (with the football on) and put on some easy listening jazz...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mxmaniac View Post
    Why can't software simply install into a program files folder like windows
    I always love this question, and not for a snarky reply or anything. Personally, I got lucky.
    I started learning about computers in 2005. Before that, I could use Google and webmail...... that was it for me.
    I got a job in basic tech support, so learned a bit about Windows and Mac. After a few months, I heard about something called Linux. So I asked a knowledgeable co-worker about it. The next day he handed me a Knoppix CD.
    After that, I found Damn Small, Ubuntu and finally Fedora Core 6.

    Before this, I wasn't sure how to install anything unless I had instructions. So I had no preconceived notions of how things would normally work.
    Even though I learned about them at the same time, I find Linux to be a far simpler system. And yes, I've also had to deal with OSX.

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    linux is a geeky OS ,terminal comes naturally with that

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