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    Cool transfer pgp-keys form one pc to another - encrypted with ASCII armor

    good day dear Experts,

    i ve generated keys with KGpg - on opensuse 12.3

    I'm planning to use the generated keys on a second machine
    also opensuse with KGpg.

    So I figure how to transfer the keys to my other computer.
    And if so how do I go about transferring the keys?

    Both keys - the public and the private are in such a formate:

    PHP Code:
    VersionGnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux)


    and so on
    and here we have the private key:

    PHP Code:
    VersionGnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux)

    fff333mmmmbbggttmQENBFLTAvIBCADuDg3k7uy0RbOEkxcnBGUs1yNVoUqV9UhcL+YwGIj6KgNChTwFNe8HrJWhnCdhJp1fKprMClB0BpYIs0p3K/HVK+yYNeHERO0e 9QKglNMRQtMEcOx5 

    and so on.

    is this correct!? Do the keys look like that.

    Question: is this an PGP-Key that is encrypted with ASCII armor

    How do i trnasfer the keys to the second machine -

    note i work with KGpg?

    Should i copy the keys in the abovem entioned formate and then do a import!?

    Is this correct!?

    How to go about transfering the keys?

    love to hear from you

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    Do not use email or a dropbox as a method to ever transfer your private keys anywhere (also applies to a backup copy if this is desired see comment at end on using a bank).

    I would use Secure Shell (command is ssh) and copy the actual files where KGpg put them on the other machine. The default locations are:
    • configuration file is located in "~/.gnupg/gpg.conf"
    • your keys are contained in the directory "~/.gnupg"

    My command would be:
    (cd && tar jcf - .gnupg .gnupg) | ssh user@hostnameorIPaddress 'tar jxf -'
    Before doing the secure be sure to verify that you are connecting to the proper machine. Of couse you could transfer them via a USB (be sure to a program like bcwipe securely erase the data off the USB device (or put it in your vault or a safety deposit box at a bank remember that you will not have a computer to verify which USB device contains what stuff when you get a second one there that contains your tax statements).

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