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    recommendation for linux os for complete newb on older machine

    Hello all,

    So with Microsoft abandoning XP soon, I figured it was time to finally move to something a little more modern. A few friends used to always rave about linux, especially ubuntu. So I thought I would give linux a try since my machine is older and Windows 7 & 8 don't appeal to me.

    So, basically looking for a recommendation for a linux OS for someone who has never used linux before, doesn't read or write code or anything technical like that. Have been a windows user my entire life.

    My machine was built by a friend a few years ago on a budget, so not a very powerful one-

    -Asus P5E-VM HDMI motherboard
    -Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz
    -4 Gb of RAM
    -NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 video card
    -Currently running Windows XP SP3

    I do a lot of internet surfing, watch all my TV and Movies via streaming off this tower, and a fair amount of downloading. Used to do some WoW, not anymore, but may game again someday. Still run the ePSXe emulator every once in a while.

    Any advice is much appreciated. If you could possibly support your argument why I should go with a certain OS.

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    Ubuntu, or any other linux should run fine on that machine. You can go to to read about and download different distro's. The best distro is the one you like the best, but the top 100 distro's is a good indicator of what other people have found useful. On the right hand side of the page, below the ads, is the list of the top 100 distro's, select and burn a few live cd/dvd's to try, and see which one appeals to you. A live cd/dvd is one which runs from the cd/dvd without installing to your machine, used to try a distro before you go to the trouble of installing it. This is a good way to see if all your hardware works, or if you will have to resolve any issues. Unlike windows, the software you will use is available from your distro's repository, so you will want to pick a distro that has the programs you want available in it's repository. Personally, I find that the ubuntu based distro's have what I am looking for, but your needs may differ.
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    the problem is that it is also a personal taste ,so maybe you have to try some of them and decide yourself.

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    I think Ubuntu should do fine for you. From what I know, Mint also makes life easy, but I've never used it myself.
    I personally stopped using Ubuntu after I watched a YT video where Richard Stallman was talking about how they track your clicks within the OS and send that data to Amazon. But that part's uninstallable apparently. You can use it LIVE, ie. without installing, so you can simply try it and see for yourself.

    Welcome to Linux, post about what you're upto here and let us know, we'll help you all we can!

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    Might help, might not. I never interfere with who my kids want to marry either. Sometimes it just pays to make your own mistakes and learn from them.

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    I used get old desktops for my lab machines and 32-bit Centos ran great on them.

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    I just tested and am impressed with the new Linux Lite 1.0.8. [ www dot linuxliteos dot com ]. I put it on a Core2Duo e8400 and the 64-bit version runs very well, is easy to use and update, just feels polished and would recommend it to beginners. Especially new linux gamers.

    The nVidia card will be easy to install due to it being in the repositories. This machine (not mine but that of a good friend who does not like 'geekiness'-- lol) has an old Quadro FX 3400 and all I did was use apt-get* to update, upgrade and then to install nvidia-304, reboot and voila, proprietary nvidia legacy driver was installed and running!

    *see: this site /linux-tutorials-howtos-reference-material/64958-how-install-software-linux.html

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    How are you viewing streaming TV and Video now? Web Browser?

    Generally speaking the Ubuntu based distros have a lot more info/tutorials on setting up streaming TV and Video. Netflix runs like a champ on Ubuntu.

    I use Ubuntu Studio that uses the xfce desktop environment and is very fast, your specs are actually plenty for any Linux distro.

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