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    Jiises what a post...its almost to long to dig throw at work..

    Im totaly agree with you on almost every point Linux/unix is better the MS on the most things. But EVERYTHING with MS products isnt all bad thats what im saying. And linux has much more to learn to make the product more friendly for everybody.

    Had linux been that from the beginning the breakthrow should have come a long time ago. And its just silly to say that it easy for you and for me and other technichans that work and know computers. It must also be easy for people like my parents that have almost never used a computer.

    I also agree that the errormessages are chatastropic... but some GUI programs in Linux are really bad to...a GTK screen that says error....

    But to summaries this...I think every OS has a good side and a bad side. Some has a bigger bad side then good. But both almost always exists...I have worked with a buch, like AS400,MVS(Mainframes),MS,Unix,Linux...

    And for example nothing can beat mainframes scheuling capabilities and to process large chunks of data....




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    Well, I was thinking as a general server OS, not a user OS. For a server, I cannot find a single advantage of using Windows.

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