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    Xorg, Wayland, Mir. Can someone explain these things to me?

    Ok, I kind of understand that something like Xorg or Wayland are desktop clients or that they help to run the desktop environment but I really don't know enough about them to know the difference between them and why one might be better then the other.

    With my Majaro install I'm using Xorg but there's also Wayland installed. Ubuntu is suppose to be going to Mir. So why does all this matter, how do they differ and what things do they do the same.
    Sorry for such a "noob" question from someone who's been running Linux for almost 15 months now but I've just not learned about this stuff and it really didn't matter to me until we found out on the Manjaro Forum that Wayland was the reason why my bluetooth stopped working when I moved from Stable to Unstable. Not sure what a desktop client has to do with bluetooth but that's what they figured out and they got it fixed and I just wonder why it happened.
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    These aren't clients, they're servers. All three of them do the same job: they paint pictures on your screen and collect mouse clicks and keystrokes. Then they pass these on to their clients, the window manager and the apps.

    I found this article comparing the three.
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