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    commands in bash script only run after typing exit

    What i am trying to do is create a script to start and stop xampp. it seems pretty simple, but I think the sudo commands and sudo su command is screwing it up. here is the code:
    PS3='Please enter your choice: '
    options=("start" "stop" "quit")
    select opt in "${options[atsymbol]}"
        case $opt in
                echo "starting"
                sudo su
    	    sudo service apache2 stop
    	    /opt/lampp/lampp start
                echo "stopping"
                sudo su
    	    /opt/lampp/lampp stop
            *) echo invalid option;;
    ***forum wont let me type the at symbol because it thinks its a url but thats supposed to be the at symbol where i say atsymbol

    it says "starting" and "stopping" when i select an option but wont run the rest of the commands until I type exit, and then it asks me again to selecct an option.

    also when i select 2, it does the same thing except it tells me i do not have the permissions, even though i have the same sudo su command that is used in selection one.

    im hoping this is a simple problem

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    Your problem is that you are starting a root shell via the "sudo su" command. This starts a new shell and when you type exit you exit from the this new "root shell" allowing the command after the "sudo su" to run as the "sudo su" command has completed. You have this case in both the "start" and "stop" cases.

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    What alf55 said. In your script, remove the "sudo su" commands. They are not necessary unless /opt/lampp/lampp start/stop needs to be run as root, in which case add "sudo" at the front of those, as in : sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start
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