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I would go for the alto with best spec I can afford to pay cash for and the linux of choice after some research based on your needs. once you ...
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    I would go for the alto with best spec I can afford to pay cash for and the linux of choice after some research based on your needs. once you have the experience of the latest thing, seriously consider replacement with a newer used unit as cheap as you can find, that does what you really need and put the saving into something substantial. one can only benefit from the experience.
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    It just occurs to me, OP, that maybe you shouldn't give up video games...? How about trying and making them? Most rewarding career you'll ever get!.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubberman View Post
    Generally I agree with TNFrank, but if you want a new system for Linux, then get the ZaReason. Disclaimer, Kathy Malmrose, the founder/CEO of ZaReason is a friend, but they do great gear and are very helpful for their customers. All the hardware will work out-of-the-box. No futzing around required ...
    Rubberman, I'm very interested in picking up a specced out zareason Alto x445 as a present for my linux admin sister, but I can't find any reviews. She wants good wifi, which I assume is easy enough, and a good touchpad, which is not. Can you give me any pointers? The zareason folks told me I could come down to the store and try one, but I'm currently a windows guy [sorry!] and hardly know where to start poking. Your thoughts?

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    The touch pads should not be a serious issue. They are pretty standardized these days. Another disclaimer: I developed the de-bounce algorithms used by most touchpads way back in the 1980's for Koala Technologies - the first PC touch tablet manufacturer. The main issue may be multi-touch devices.

    Again, ZaReason will make sure that all their hardware works correctly "out-of-the-box". If you are in the SF Bay area, then you may still want to go over to Berkeley to check out the gear, and take your sister with you since she is the one who will be using this gear. She can talk Linux tech speak to the people there, better (I'm sure) than you would be able to!

    Have fun!
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