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    appending a volume to tape using tar

    Does anyone know if it is possible to append a volume to a tape using tar?

    Redhat Linux 8.0, 2.4.18-14
    T20 HP Travan SCSI tape drive

    I have tried the -r option...did not work. I already had a volume on it, trying to append "sendmail.tar" as a test, here was the result. I have also tried mt -f /dev/st0 eof and eod.

    [root@VanSwapper garett]# tar -rvf /dev/st0 sendmail.tar
    tar: /dev/st0: Warning: Cannot close: Input/output error

    [root@VanSwapper garett]# tar -tf /dev/st0

    How about CPIO? I am going to look into that if tar will not work.

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    Have you tried -A. -r is for appending filesa nd -A is to append a .tar.

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