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    Please Help with fdisk command!

    Hi, I m completely new to linux commands and I would like to check out something I cannot find browsing the net.

    if I introduce;

    fdisk -l

    Then my screen scrolls down and I cannot see the information from the first drives sda, sdb and sdc, just the end of the answer ; from sdd on, because I got several drives connected.

    How could I tell the machine show me results page after page?.

    Thanks for any help provided!: Regards!,

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    You can use a pager; pipe the output to less or more.

    fdisk -l | less

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    pipe it into a pager, eg less
    fdisk -l |less
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    quiet funny, it works but... it does not bring me back to root@user # but I stay in a line that begins with : and then I try to type and it appears the word "mark" in blue... and well I m completely unsure about what to do inside the pager... so what should I type to go back to root@user # or to see the next piece of information and then going back to root?. Thanks a lot!,

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    type the letter q and hit enter, my guess

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    Press page down and page up to navigate and q to quit
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    The pager, such as "less" is a program that takes the results of a command, fdisk in this case, and puts those results on the screen in a form that you can navigate so you can look at all the output if it is more than one screenful. You lose access to the command prompt when you are in the pager, so you have to leave the pager to get back to the command prompt where you can enter commands again. Hence the suggestions of using q to quit the pager.

    If you are in a terminal when you run the command and you get more than a screenful of information, you can usually just use Shift+PageUp and Shift+PageDown to get to the earlier screens of info and back again to showing the prompt on the screen. Usually terminals have scroll bars that you can also use with a mouse to reach the earlier info by scrolling up.

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    man less

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    The man pages have the information for commands, but they are terse and not always clear to the inexperienced user. Explanations on the usage of commands, provided by users with some experience, put in ordinary language, can often be more useful to new users such as the OP. That's not to discourage consulting man pages. They become indispensable and can even be satisfying bedtime reading for some

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    I probably could have added a little more. One of the side effects of posting from the phone and forgetting about it.

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