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    Unhappy Linux install on HP Thin client issues and

    I've come to the end of my tether with this, so I'm hoping you lovely people can help.

    TLDR: I want to install Linux on a HP thin client, but no matter what I do I get the blinking cursor in the top left.

    Sorry if this is not a question for "newbies" - happy to move if it belongs elsewhere


    I'm a web developer who is confident on the command line. Once the command line is there, I am content. I prefer a flavour of Debian. I've set up several Raspberry Pi's in my time and use Linux at work on a daily basis.


    I currently have a Pi as my home "hub". Running scripts and generally helping out. It's not powerful enough for the next step for me which is to run Plex (which is currently running on my NAS) and to be a VPN gateway for devices in my home.

    I've picked up a HP T5740 to handle this. I've upgraded the RAM to 4GB. It has an Intel Atom 1.6ghz processor

    Why I need help

    The computer had 2gb of flash storage as it's "hard drive" which I didn't consider enough for me. I did some googling and found using USB SD card reader was the cheapest, best solution for me at the moment. The computer does have SATA connector, so my plan was to install on an SD card then eventually pick up a STATA -> SD card connector to increase the speed. So I'm currently installing Linux on a16gb SDHC card.

    I've attempted to install Debian 9 two times now and both times have resulted in a "successful installation". Upon reboot, I just get the blinking cursor in the top right - which I understand to be an error.

    To install, I have downloaded the bootloader.img onto a USB stick and the ISO onto a second. During installation, the computer is attached to the network to download the further packages required. This all seems to work fine.

    Question time

    There are a few questions here - some specific to the issue above, others general questions that I have. Any answers to any of them would be hugely appreciated.

    1. Is Debian 9 the best version of Linux to install?
    2. Is it wise to install onto an SD card?
    3. What does the blinking cursor actually mean? Is there any way to work out what is erroring?
    4. Is there a better way to install Debian? With Raspbian I flash the actual OS onto the SD card and just boot it up. Is there a way to do do this with Debian?
    5. What makes Raspian specific to Raspberry Pis - is it to do with the processor & hardware?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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    your thinclient is basically an Intel Atom PC, it would only handle 2 or 2.5 gb of RAM.

    Have you change your default boot device to the SD on the USB?.

    You can however install in the original 2gb flash disk at least the / and /boot partition and use the SD as a second disk with the rest (/var ,/home, /usr, etc.)

    Good luck

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