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    Tfue Beginner Questions, Please


    Would like to learn about using Lubuntu.

    Have an older Windows 7 pc, and one of the sites that shows comparisons between the different Linux packages said that Lubuntu would be the one for a true beginner with an older pc.

    True ?

    a. Would MINT be easier to learn ?
    Again, I have an older W7 pc.

    b. I see many CD's being offered in Amazon for this.
    Does a CD offer anything more than my simply downloading
    the package ?

    c. A very basic question, please: When I do download Lubuntu, or any package, to my pc, is the program simply run like any other program or app download, or "does it take over" and install itself as a new OS in place of W7 ?
    Really confused about this.

    Better to run off one of the CD's from Amazon (why ?)

    d. What true beginner books would you recommend
    for Lubuntu ? (or MINT if that is your recommendation ?)

    Much thanks, really appreciate the help,

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    Lubuntu would be fine on an older Win 7 PC.

    If you download a distro, you will have to write the file (extension .ISO) to a CD/DVD/USB Stick. This creates a bootable medium that allows you to run the live system without affecting your hard drive. If you decide to install, you'll have to create space on your hard drive generally by shrinking the Windows partition.

    If you buy a CD/DVD, the work has been done for you and you just pop it in and reboot (assuming your BIOS is set to boot from CD/USB).

    You can dual boot and keep Win 7 (all my computers are this way) or you can just format the drive and install Linux as the only OS - choice is yours. Windows can get grumpy when trying to shrink the partition and you may have to defrag the drive before it allows a decent shrink. I generally shoot for a 32GB partition for a Linux install...
    Are you a clueless Kali user? If you can't get Kali running on your own, it ain't the right distro for you.

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    Robert, you should take some time to read online resources.
    You should get aquainted with creating a bootable USB medium for installation.

    i would rather recommend Xubuntu.
    the instructions for installation are likely the same as for Lubuntu.


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    Hey - try out Bodhi Linux , it's really awesome!

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