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    Random freezes across distributions

    I built this comp a little over a year ago, and have been using Linux from about 2012. This has happened with Mint, Fedora & OpenSUSE. My computer freezes (can't even SSH in) randomly; it can be in gparted. In a game, or watching YouTube in Firefox. I'm running memtest86+ now, do not see and problems yet. When it freezes, I can usually move the mouse & sound often keeps playing for a minute.

    GA-B350M-Gaming 3
    BIOS 2018/03/16
    AMD RX480 (no proprietary drivers)
    Ryzen 1700X

    8GB of ram is installed in slots 3 & 4 as the CPU cooler blocked the first 2 slots

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    If it is the same hardware and multiple OSs, I would check the hardware. You likely have something finicky or bad. If you can reproduce the issue regularly, I would start by swapping out some of the easy components to see if makes a difference.

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    The RAM completed with no errors & the HDs SMART status is good; I'm suspecting my RX480, but my Ryzen 1700X has no onboard graphics,I guess I'll have to get a new GFX card.

    It's happened less since I switched from Cinnamon to Mate (less GPU intensive) last time it happened was when I was dragging a window across the screen

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