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    Installing and running ubuntu

    So I'm reasrching what phones and tablets would be the easiest to put linux possibly ubuntu on. Suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by odinfeather30 View Post
    So I'm reasrching what phones and tablets would be the easiest to put linux possibly ubuntu on. Suggestions?

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    suggestion: try putting 'ubuntu on tablet" in, and pressing enter

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    Technically any ARM based tablet/smart phone can run an ARM version of Linux. Note that while Linux distributions that run on the ARM linux kernel are plentiful and available for most major distributions, they're usually limited in function compared to the full versions.

    The next consideration is hardware compatibility... Many ARM Linux distributions exist, but don't come with the pre-packaged drivers you'll need for components on the device. You can usually download necessary drivers, but you'll need to know how to use your chosen flavor of linux's package manager (like RPM for red hat/fedora; some might have a GUI but chances are you'll need to use the CLI). Note that since these may be non standard components, you might not be able to use an automatic package manager to get them (like yum, apt, apt-get, dnf, etc.). You may need to download the driver files from the manufacturer (e.g. Broadcom for the Wireless Chip, NOT the phone manufacturer) and then manually install them. BY FAR, THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT DRIVERS WILL BE THE WIRELESS DRIVER AND THE DISPLAY/GPU DRIVER. If you have no display, you'll need to ssh into the device to finish/start your install, if you have no wireless, you can't ssh into the device, you can't get wireless working without remote access or a display, etc., etc... So as you can see, YOU'LL NEED SUPPORT FOR DISPLAY AND ETHERNET TO BE BUILT IN! Luckily, Broadcom is the #1 manufacturer of Wireless chips in handheld devices and Qualcomm makes a fair amount of the CPUs and GPUs, so it's safe to say that these will be built in (but never assume).

    The next consideration are the remaining drivers... Do you plan to get a 3G/4G-LTE device? There are only a few (true) Linux distributions that support Cellular. You will also need to make sure you are able to set up wireless (sim card reader is seen, etc.). BBluetooth may need a separate driver and/or may not be supported via a built in GUI, so you may need to pair anything via the CLI- not for novices. Hard buttons also need to be correctly seen.

    For these reasons, it is important to get a device that already has a distribution specifically designed for it. My recommendation would be a Google device with Kali NetHunter. Kali is a Debian based Distribution specifically designed for Ethical Hacking, wireless analysis and Penetration Testing. So it comes pre-packed with a lot of cool tools that are even more useful on a mobile device. NetHunter is a special Distribution of Kali that is custom made for ARM devices, with the Google Phones and Tablets in mind. It is also fully functional on a G-Phone and works out of the box. Even if the above uses don't appeal to you, it works fine as a general purpose distro, comes with all the standard packages in addition to the specialty ones, and if you wanted to remove any packages you didn't want, all hood need to do is use apt-get remove.

    Now, the final considerations involve getting a device from a carrier. Most cellular carriers sell phones and tablets with locked bootloaders. You CANNOT use a device with a locked bootloader. Also, you'll likely void any warranty by installing linux. TECHNICALLY, THE ONLY REQUIREMENT FOR INSTALLING LINUX ON AN ANDROID DEVICE IS AN UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER. Getting the distro to work as intended without its quirks is another story. ALSO, AVOID ANY SAMSUNG DEVICES NEWER THAN THE S4, THEY WILL PROVE IMPOSSIBLE TO WORK WITH DUE TO KNOX AMD THEIR HARDWARE WARRANTY BIT.

    But seriously, give Kali NetHunter a look. Just do a Google search for it, you will find a list of compatible devices on their official site.


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