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    Installing on Laptop with no CD

    I really need help!!! I have been using linux for a couple of months on my pc and i like Libranet and i use ICEWM and i love it. I have a ibm 760 with a pentium 75mhz processer that i would really like linux on but i have no cd and cannot connect to the internet. is there n e way to get a full floppy version of linux that i can actually use the hard drive with or at least a free OS that will let me set up my internet and then try one of the ftp installations????Please help??
    Thanks for n e response

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    have a look at this page

    it may answer your question. I found it by searching on

    have fun

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    Thanks, i will look into it!!

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    i will look into it!!

    Like a good mirror.

    Actually, I have Slackware installed on a Compaq Aero subnotebook.
    '486 SX 25, with not much HDD or RAM, and no CD. It was quite easy to install from a set of about 15 floppies. Works fine.
    Next time, I'd prolly do a network install instead.
    See and

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    Do you have a network card?
    maybe a pcmcia cdrom available?

    let me know.

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    bluegroper -
    i just had a quick question - once i get the basic system installed, some of the packages for x windows are much bigger then will fit onto a 1.44 floppy, how do i get those packages or can i not?

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    No GUI

    My Compaq Aero is only a low powered '486
    Its strictly a command line only device. No GUI or X window installed.

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