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    Is it possible to install Windows while running Linux

    Since my Windows 98 cd is kind of buggy for some reason(I think its got some scratches on it), so I'm wondering; can a Windows installation be run from within Linux?

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    I don't think so. There is a DOS emulator, but I don't think that it emulates protected mode. You could always use VMware, though, I guess.

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    No, it does not work.
    Becouse windows wont install if a linux is installed on the same Harddrive.

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    You'll first need to dual boot.
    After this, you can use all your win apps in Linux using VMware.

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    No you can install it using VMware. You just set it up to recognize your two (physical or logical) hardrives and have it boot from CD. And then install it on the appriopiate hard drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwned123
    Becouse windows wont install if a linux is installed on the same Harddrive.
    Actually, as long as you have free space (unpartitioned) on the harddrive, you can install any OS you want, including Windows. But if you install Windows after Linux, Windows has a nasty habit of switching the bootloader to windows, and it's a bit of a pain to setup GRUB/LILO again.
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    I've just installed Ubuntu because Windows didn't want to regognise that my new SATA HDD is there and I was wondering, does installing windows with VMware mean that windows is emulated? Or is a proper install? Also, could this be done this other emulators?


    Sorry for the major bump

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