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    Setting up a print server

    I want to set up a linux box as print server. It's not going into a live environment but I want to try it just for fun. I'll want it to be used by some windows machines so I believe I need Samba (which is already ,more or less, up and running). Any good tutorials on how to set this up?


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    I'd like to know how to do that as well. Every attempt I make with getting WinXP to use my Samba shared printers always fails in one way or another, most commonly with access denied. Is this a known problem with WinXP? I think it works with other Windowses.

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    I had the same problem with the access denied to my printers here is what my printer section in my smb.conf file looks like

    path = /var/spool/samba/
    guest account = guest
    guest ok = Yes
    printable = Yes
    printing = cups
    print command = lpr -P %p -o raw %s -r
    use client driver = Yes
    browseable = Yes
    With this you have to set the guest account to something else besides nogroup so i made a guest account for my server. I use cups as my print service. so you have to customize the default print command. You want to use client drivers so you have to set each printer up on each win machine, I couldnt get it to sork with using the linux postscript drivers.

    For good tutorials i learned everything from the samba site itself.

    and the CUPS site

    You can set up each printer seperately or you can do what I did above which is use the printers heading which will in turn use the printcap file and set each printer on your network seperately.
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