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Thread: Passwords

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    Is there a way I can change a series of user accounts to the same password? For example if I have user1-50 accounts setup and I want them all to have the password "linux"? or not have them need a password at all Thanks

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    First you need to contruct a list of user names. Say, for example, that you put the user names in /tmp/users. Then run this:
    for user in `cat /tmp/users`; do passwd --stdin $user <<<linux; done
    The user list could be contructed, for example, like this (modify to your needs):
    awk -F &#58; '&#123;if&#40;$3 >= 500&#41; print&#40;$1&#41;;&#125;' </etc/passwd | egrep 'Some Pattern' >/tmp/users

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