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    I am using Suse 8.2 and am in a lan with windows machines.
    I am already connected to the internet and can access my emails.I have installed LISA and ran the daemon in the hopes that i can see the other machines ont eh lan.

    when i type lan:\\ and press enter the only folder i get is "localhost" and when i double click that i get a folder named FISH.when i click that Suse asks for my root password...what the hell is going on...there is none called FISH on the lan.

    I have heard about Samba i need it in order to communicate with the other windows boxes on the lan?

    thnx for your help

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    No, you only need it if you want to create a local share for other (windoze) users to see.


    1. Are you a member of the same computer workgroup by name? i.e. workgroup=home on your and workgroup=network on the others.

    2. Are you using the same ip network? i.e. or are you on different networks like and there on

    3. Are you only doing a peer to peer network or using a domain server?

    Based on your answers I or others may have more questions,

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