Well .. I had to do lot of extracting in the middle sumtime back, and since I am using RH9 and KDE, I had to use the Ark service menu Extract Here, bcos it looks cool to do it in CLI, but takes a bit of time browsing from dir to dir in the CLI, neway, I got a service menu pack called kdeunball from www.kde-look.org and it installed ok, but still had some problems. So I later modified it to work perfectly and also later wrote a balling script which can create all types of archive from any dir/file in GUI mode. This has of course been implemented later in the new version of ark. But I still prefer my own service menu scripts, and now I call it kballunball . Its pretty good and works nice and fast. Its got a README as well as install-uninstall scripts.
It mainly consists of 4 files, 2 scripts named ball and unball, and 2 service menu desktop files.