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    Need Device Help Please

    I am an EXTREME newb to RedHat Linux 9.0. I can work with Mandrake, and find all the stuff I needed, but now I am using RedHat and I have no clue where to find my harddrives. I have music on my "Windows drive D" where could I find that in Linux so I can find all my files? Thanks.

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    what you need to realise is that in any linux disks do not have Windows style names (C: D: etc.), they are seen as directories (folders).

    So, what you'll need to do is mount your windows hard disk. To do this open a terminal window, become supper user (su), and enter the mount command. Let's assume that your windows drive is the second partion on your first hard disk, in which case the command would look like this :-

    mount /dev/hda2 /mnt/windowsd

    But first you need to have created the directory /mnt/windowsd (or whatever you want to call it. I use /mnt/extra, you could always call it /mnt/eric). You do this with the command

    mkdir /mnt/windowsd

    Once you have mounted your windows disk, you access it as if where just another set of sub-directories (folders).

    If you want to make this mounting permenant (the above mounting disappears with a boot up) you'll need, as root/su, to edit the file /etc/fstab. This file holds all of the mounting stuff in it. Make a backup version of this before editing (ie. copy it to a file called something like /etc/fstab/justincaseimuckitup .

    As an aside, in Gnome you can mount the floppy and/or the CDROM by right clicking on the desktop. In KDE there is a disk management applet.

    have fun


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    cmd line is more the same than different and you can always use "find -name filename" for what your looking for. Also if using Gnome or KDE just work you way down the menu and you'll stumble on it no matter what it is called.

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