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    mount bin/cue file

    Is there a way to mount .bin/cue files? I googled around but found no solution. As far as I know, to mount .img files, you do
    mount -o loop foobar.img /mnt/image
    and to mount .iso files, you do
    mount -o loop -t iso9660 foobar.iso /mnt/image
    But no clue how to do .bin/cue files. Can anyone shed some light? Thanks.

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    Use this to make it an ISO:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarumont
    Use this to make it an ISO:

    Thanks a lot. This is really helpful.

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    For cue/bin u might wanna use this method

    The basic (mount -o loop file.bin /mnt/file) method to mount will not work for bin (Clone Cd) files so i have tried to convert them to a friendly format like .iso.

    In Ubuntu i found this little app that does the job:

    # Install 
    sudo apt-get install ccd2iso
    # convert the bin file to iso
    ccd2iso file.bin file.iso 
    # mount the  iso image generated from conversion
    sudo mkdir -p /mnd/disk 
    sudo mount -o loop file.iso /mnt/file
    This should work in other distro's as well

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