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Thread: I'm dumb

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    I'm dumb

    Yeah like I said I'm really new. I just installed Linux. How do I get it so I can surf the net so I can download files. I have Redhat 9 but I don't believe I installed x windows. wooops

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    if it boots into a command prompt, try typing "startx" then hiting enter. if that doesn't do anything then you didn't install x.

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    it didn't do anythng. but I don't care about windows x. I just care about being able to downloadstuff

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    so, does it boot to a command prompt everytime then? If so you'll have trouble surfing in command line...O_o

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    that's fine. I just need to be able to download stuff

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    I know for a fact that RedHat 8 defualt installs texted based internet browsers, but I'm not sure about RedHat 9. and I forget what the progra is called...

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    I think the programs Mado in referring to are lynx, links (my favorite) and wget?

    Check each programs man-file for more info.

    Good luck

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    How do I install these?

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    to configure for the internet without X you'll need to become familiar with wvdial (for dialup) and perhaps ftp. Oh and vi (for editing).

    Now, if you really are that masochistic try the manual pages (ie. after you've logged in enter 'man wvdial' or 'man vi' or 'man ftp', you may also find 'info vi' useful [obviously you'd leave the '' out]).

    If, however, you want a simpler life, re-install Redhat, this time saying that you want a graphical logon and I suggest that you also let it install either Gnome or KDE (the windows managers). And then enjoy your Linux experience.

    have fun


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