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    This is kinda... continuing the old subject killing it-so everyone can see!I am thankful for console commands-useful!But lets say i have a fullscreen app-frozen, not responding!Or something that has gone to a crawl-i used ctrl alt backspace-it garbles screen and blocks PC(mandrake 9.1!)-reboot(the hard way!).In windoze(hate to mention) i had some ctrl alt del-task manager instantly appeared-i could select and kill the task(in theory, on older windoze it still froze most of the time)-i am wondering if there is something like this in linux-maybe a keyboard combination-withoust console-that would safely kill the task so i can continue-or atlest how to get to console in this situation?

    Thanks a lot

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    depending on what the app is, you can often hit ctrl^C to end the proccess. That should sort it out.

    On the other hand, chances are that if a full screen app has crashed your window manager might have crashed aswell. In which case ctrl + alt + backspace or ctrl + alt + del (which would rebboot the whole machine) is your only option.

    Also, although this doesn't usualy work, you can try hitting Alt+F5/6/7/8 to spawn another X Session. You should be able to kill the other one once your in.

    Remember, if all else fails, press both hands onto your keyboard and move them about abit untill something happens. Used to be how i'd start to figure out what keys were configured as for games on the ZX spectrum

    good luck

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    or, press Ctrl Alt F1 (for a text screen) logon as root, enter 'ps -alx', see if you can see the offending process, then enter 'kill -9 nnnn' where 'nnnn' is the process number (in about column three from the left). Then jump back to your X session by pressing Ctrl Alt F7.

    Or, you could use Dreamer's alternative solution, which I must admit that I used to use with my ZX81.

    have fun


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    You can also use the top command to view and kill the processes.
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