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    what do I do now...?

    I'm still somewhat new to linux, but I've got RedHat 8.0 working with all my devices perfectly. I don't want to just stop now though, I want to learn should I try a supposedly harder distro now like slackware or gentoo, or just keep using Redhat?

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    Depends on your own goals. Do you want to become a expert level as a user, network tech, database analyist, programmer, etc....

    If you want to be able to install, upgrade and customize Linux then maybe your ready for learning the way other distributions work, if not stay with RH until you are. I can't think of anything major that cannot be done on a RH distro. But the same is true for most if not all of other distributions/distro's of Linux.

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    That's the beauty of linux. Once you can run one distro, you won't have much of a problem running any other distro. The biggest difference is the default installation method for programs (RPM, portage, etc.).

    But like flw said, what you do next is really up to you and depends on your goals as a linux user.

    Welcome to the light side, btw.
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