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    How Do I Post Messages Here?

    To post messages on the forums you must first register and you must activate your new account. You can click here to register.

    Now, to start your new thread, go to the main page of the forums by clicking the link below:

    Linux Forums Index Page (...opens new tab or window)

    Click on the individual forum that best matches the subject matter of your new thread.

    Click the "Create New Thread" button (note that some forums may be "locked" and can't be used for new threads).

    Enter an appropriate and descriptive thread title in the title box.

    Enter the text of your message in the message box.

    Click the "Submit New Thread" button.

    That's it!

    Important: when posting messages, don't assume that we know what kind of machine or operating system you have. If you're not sure what to include with your question, try to include the following:

    Video Card
    Hard Drive size/type

    Is Linux the only OS on the machine, or is it a dual-boot setup (meaning Windows and Linux)?

    What distribution (also known as "distro") and which version or release of your Linux distro are you running?

    What applications are you running like Apache, OpenOffice, Samba, or an Instant Messenger, etc... when you are experiencing the reported problem?

    Did you install or uninstall anything just before the problem began?

    This is just a start. If there are any other facts that you think we might want to know, please include them. We would rather have a bit too much information when looking at your questions than not enough.

    No question is too simple to ask but some are beyond our collective knowledge, or beyond the scope of these forums. We only know so much, but you should ask it anyway as long as it it related to Linux in some way, or ask in the Coffee Lounge if it's general discussion, or not Linux related.
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