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Thread: Speed?

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    OK...After a default installation of Redhat 8.....

    Are there any methods that would allow me to speed up things....

    Such as browsing.....applications.....?

    I'm running XSI......And I want to get the Max out of it?


    I'm guessing that I'm talking a hit because I don't have a video card that has driver support.....

    In turn no accelrated graphics......?

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    What it would come down to is what else is currently on your system, loaded up, and eating up your CPM & memory?

    KDE & Gnome are both pretty "heavy" Window managers, so you may want to consider switching to something else such as blackbox or enlightment.

    You could also check what you have loading with your PC at startup. I think redhat by default starts sendmail, a SMTP mail server, so unless that is needed, you could turn that off, and repeat for many other things you dont need.

    Check if its loading at startup:
    "chkconfig --list sendmail"

    if it is, and you dont want it to:
    "chkconfig sendmail off"

    Repeat for things like "apache"(the webserver) "mysql", "ntalk" etc.

    Then reboot the PC, and see how it goes.


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    To followup j's post, Redhat installs alot of services that most users never need. So take a look at all of them. If your not sure what some are post them here and we'll have a look.

    I would suggest that you remove only one service at a time so incase you make a mistake you'll know exactly where and what it was, for the recovery.

    On KDE and Gnome I have RH8 and KDE (I can notice a slow down). On Gnome I notice no such slowdown but any GUI will cause your system to slow down because they all take system resources away from other processes. A GUI lighter than Gnome is good but so is not GUI at all. Depends on your preferences and the lust for speed

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    If i remeber correctly, you can set the eye-candy in kde to 0. Try that. If you have a Nvidia card, install the drivers for that.

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    I'm using Gnome cause I've noticed that there is no real slow down.....

    Plus, I belive that I'm suffering from the ATI 128 Pro accelrated driver support.....

    However I do have an G4 Mx card.....

    My question is this.......On the nvidia site which driver is the one I should be using?

    LinuxIA32, LinuxIA64 (Though I don't belive the IA64 architecture is what I should be using)....

    or FreeBSB

    I'll get back to you on the services.


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    Is it just me.....or do the images on Redhat look much sharper than any Windows OS?

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