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    Enabling logging for named & tftpd on Red Hat?


    I would like to enable detailed logging for:
    - DNS requests & replies
    - tftp requests & replies

    I would like to setup the log messages to the /var/log/messages file or
    a independent log files in /var/log directory

    Any tips or links would be appreciated?


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    How much logging do you want?

    if you just want to see that a TCP/UDP packet was sent to that port from a client machine, then an IPtables rule could do the job (logging to syslog).

    /sbin/iptables -A INPUT -p udp --destination-port 53 -j LOG --log-prefix "DNS Request: "  --log-level=5 -m limit --limit 10/minute --limit-burst 3 --log-tcp-sequence
    /sbin/iptables -A INPUT -p udp --destination-port 89 -j LOG --log-prefix "TFTP Request: "  --log-level=5 -m limit --limit 10/minute --limit-burst 3 --log-tcp-sequence
    If you want to see what the exact DNS or TFTP request was, eg, what domain, what file etc, then only the DNS server or TFTP server would know. there may be some logging you can turn on, depending on the daemon, which are you running?


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    I am running Redhat 7.3

    # uname -a
    Linux 2.4.18-3 #1 Thu Apr 18 07:37:53 EDT 2002 i686 unknown

    i am running named and tfptd

    rpm = tftp-0.28-2

    For TFTP logging I would like to get similar
    logging as I get with yaletftpd from another


    Jul 7 12:04:28 tftpd[1196]: sent 'ata00070edcd051' to succeeded
    Jul 7 12:04:42 tftpd[1197]: sent 'ata00070edcd0d7' to succeeded

    For DNS I would like to get output of name requested and addresses or names replied depending on which type of DNS query is issued (type SRV or A).



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    For some details on BIND logging, this URL may be of some use:

    This page: show command line switched that can be used to invoke logging of TFTPD file transfers.


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