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    comand line problems

    hey i used the LNX-BBC (bootable business card) an i have a question about the terminal comand "ls"

    i used it to list the contents of a certan folder but it goes 2 fast for me to see all but the bottom third of the files and folders (all the rest are off the screen)

    all i want 2 see is the folders anyways, is there any way to slow this doun, or only see folders? dont say Ctrl + s cuz that just freezes the window of comand line, or the whole thing if im not runing it from the GUI (and presing Ctrl + S again dont unfreez it.

    so can anyone help me out on this

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    Try 'ls -F /' to list just the directories. And to see only one page at a time, you can pipe it to either 'more' or 'less'.
    ls -F / | more
    ls -F / | less
    To find out more about the ls command, type 'man ls' for the manual page.
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