I have been using Mandrake 9.1 for a couple of months now, dual booting with XP. Ive decided that nows the time to go 100% Linux. However Ive come across 2 small problems. I have to consider the fact that both my mum and my brother also use the comp so to keep my mum happy all I need to do is get the bingo from http://www.tothegames.com to work. I'm using Mozilla as my browser and have succesfully installed flash. The problem is that flash runs extemely slow to the point of being unplayable, this seems to affect all flash files. I havent been able to find any options to try and configure. Has anyone had this problem before and/or maybe know of a solution.

Also, I had to work on someone elses comp the otherday so I shutdown this comp and swapped over to the other box. I done the work and then switched back. On booting I was presented with a command line interface and an error saying 'unable to start X do you have authority?' or something to that effect. After playing with the XF86config -4 file, I got nowhere so I had to reinstall Linux. I didnt really have a choice as I couldnt get online to try and find a sloution. So far all the main problems I have had with Linux is to do with the X server. Is there an easy solution to repair my config (I beleive its my config that is getting damaged?) Sorry that this question is a little vague but I really dont have a clue what I'm doing and its gonna take me time to learn all I need to know.

I'm running KDE 3.1 if thats of any use.

Thanks for any help or suggestions however small.