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BTW, most variations of true Unix do have GUI's as well....
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    BTW, most variations of true Unix do have GUI's as well.

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    well in my opinion, mandrake 9.1 is really simple, but redhat 9 comes with some nicer games like tuxracer, preinstalled. And i think preinstalled is importatnt cuz i have never gotten a game running on linux by myeslf ever. i tried unrealt tourney, tourney 2k3, and quake 3 with no sucess. and i tried isntalling nvidia drivers to no avail. the easiest unix distro has got to be mac os x (jaguar panther, etc). the easiest os ever has to be windows xp or mac os x. and the easiest linux is either mandrake or redhat. but redhat isnt as stable i noticed as mandrake and has high sys reqs.

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