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    Winlinux is it good ?

    Hello All I hate this Windows too much ,, but i have a laptop Compaq Presario 1200 and i want to use Winlinux 2000 on it , is this distribution of linux power enough and what's the differences between it and other dist. as Redhat,Mandrake and sooooo on thanks alll

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    I have some insight only after reading through there site. I've never heard of Winlinux but that by itself means nothing.

    1. Reads very much like another product called "Lindows". You may want to check that out.

    2. FAQ on this version is here: so check it out for any additional questions may be answered already.

    3. Is it more win32 or linux well I can only guess but there are a few tip offs in the faq that seem to suggest that it does actually use the linux kernal and some issues common with it, so it may operate with some or many true linux apps. What I first noticed was the no USB support , not all printers are supported, Winmodems maynot work, a reference to a dependance to a "init" error, you can install RPM's, Uses a Linux only interface "KDE", and finally help web sites are all linux only sites.

    Be aware that there is a statement about it dependance of your Windows to run at all. So if you hose windows you may also have to reinstall Winlinux as well depending on exactly what happened. The statement I'm refering to is as follows:

    Uninstallation is a very simple process. Once Windows is running, you need to do the following steps:

    Start/Configurations/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs/ Select: WinLinux
    2000 / Click on OK.

    So, it will not cause any conflict on your system.

    The file WinLinux.bat will not be remo (...)
    And more than one reference to:

    Otherwise its doesn't fit the purist defination of "Linux" but if it can run the same applications as Linux that maybe good enough. Its your call.

    If you dual boot a PC, be sure to backup on another PC or phyiscal drive any of your data (not you apps on CD etc...) incase of a "oops" which we have all done more than once ourselves

    Let us know if you take the plunge and how it goes for you. We are open to all forms of linux.

    \"Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer\" from The Art of War by Sun Tzu\"

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