for those of you exporting via NFS please be aware of the change in the default options previously the default was option async which could in theory allow a system crash to lose data. The new default (v 1.0 +) defaults to sync, which requires each write to be completed before the file can be read (implementing a semaphore of sorts) anwhow - the point is that for anyone else exporting home directories or a directory that is read very often this can make a significant difference!!!

I export /home and with the new nfs the default is now sync and this makes a serious degradation of my internet speed performance - sort of, its not the internet itself but the browser actually waits (im presuming while it reads cache/config files) from the exported NFS filesystem(im talking like 1-6 second waits, there have been several times i have thought the broswer actualyl crashed). Using tabbed browsing was impossible as a common habit of mine was to load one tab, switch to another to do whatever while the first load - doing this with the sync option is impossible, as the browser actually hangs waiting for the data similar to when a system will hang waiting for an NFS server to respond. Changing the exports file on the server to async solved the problem - nasty!

Anyone that has more info feel free to jump in here, i know they were trying to improve things but this seems to have come at a nasty cost, im going to look for some options to fine tune this performance in the interest of moving to the new standard - but until then, async for me.