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    Adding an application to the Gnome menu

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to add an application to the Gnome applications menu. The procedure I am following is as per the literature;

    Open Nautilus
    Type "applications:///" in the location box
    Right click on the menu

    At this point I believe I should have an option "Entire Menu -> Add new item to this menu" but this does not appear.

    I tried cutting and pasting the application into this window, but I get a warning that the destination disk is read-only.

    Any hints as to what I'm missing?


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    add .desktop file

    I had the same problem with Fedora Core 3

    From the Fedora FAQ:

    If you really want to change things, the menu items are ".desktop" text files in /usr/share/applications/. You can edit them in a text editor (like gedit) if you are root. You can use a command-line utility called desktop-file-install to add new .desktop files you create yourself. If you want to know how to write .desktop files, you can either look at the existing ones in /usr/share/applications, or you can read the (somewhat technical) .desktop specification.

    I created a .desktop file from an existing item in the target category. Ran

    desktop-file-install --vendor=Z newitem.desktop

    it seems vendor is only used to make the name of the item unique.

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    Re: add .desktop file

    Thanks mc1 - I had to put this one on the backburner for a while as I simply couldn't locate the documentation which explains the menu protocol. Your post was ENORMOUSLY helpful in locating same.

    After a brief bout of RTFMing I spent a morning hacking the menu system and think I've pretty much got the feel for what's going on.

    My GUI menus will never be the same again!

    Many thanks

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