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    localhost login: I don't know?


    I'm installing Yellow dog linux (that looks a lot like Red Hat) on my iMac 233. I chose a lot of packages to install, the installer tells me that I must have CD 1-2-3 ready to install all those packages (YDL is a 4 CD set), no prob, i start the installation with CD 1, then at about 50% the computer reboots, at first I thought it was intended but when it restarts, the mac doesn't boot by itself, i must have the first CD to boot. I type linux instead of install so linux starts, all seems to boot OK exept for an error about "starting cups: Child exited at 99 [FAILED]" but it continues booting until I get the localhost login, with Red Hat I didn't have to login, it went automaticly into KDE, but here i have to login. The thing is, I remember the installer asking me to make a password but not a login, SO I CAN'T LOGIN!!

    If anybody can answer any of the above problems, that would be great! I'm tired of using MacOS 9, I really want to use something new on this little iMac.


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    You may have to enter root as the username and then use your password from the install. I would highly recommend using adduser (or useradd) to create a "normal" user after you get logged in, then using the normal account for all your daily needs.
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    I really am a newbie at linux so can you explain more in detail please, I entered root as login, it didn't ask for a pw, now i'm in the command line envirronment, i want to create a new user with adduser but even with the commands they list as help, it doesn't help. lets say i want to create a user that has "abacab" as lhost and "genesis" as pw, what should i type?

    all i want is the computer to boot by itself and go directly in KDE or X windows.

    And I really wonder why the installation didn't ask me for CD 2 and 3, must be a lot of packages not installed...

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    At the # prompt, type 'adduser abacab' and press enter. You'll get another # prompt. Now type 'passwd abacab' and press enter. The terminal will say 'Changing passwd for user abacab. New password:' where you'll type 'genesis'. It will ask a second time for confirmation. Enter 'genesis' again and you're done.

    I don't know about your version of Linux, but the RedHat/Fedora versions ask you what kind of system you're setting up. You have a choice of Desktop, Workstation. Server, or Laptop, and I think there's a checkbox for a minimal install. Based on which option you selected, it will install the appropriate applications and libraries from whichever disks. I've never tried the minimal istallation, but I would imagine that wouldn't take but a couple of CD's to install. Maybe just disk1...

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    this isn't good not havin a root password either,

    Just after u log in as root, type

    This will allow u to change the root password
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    RedHat will usually set up your system to start at run-level 5. This is the GUI run-level. It sound like your install has left the initial run-level at 3. Edit /etc/inittab and change the line "id:3:initdefault:" to be "id:5:initdefault:".
    Reboot and the job's done.


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