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Thread: Newbie!!!

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    I am a total Newbie to Linux and i was wondering which linux i should download and install, is there one that is easier to use then the others or is there one that is more user-friendly then the others.
    if any of you have any ideas or tell me what you started off with please tell.

    At the moment i am downloading Fedora Core (i think it is the new one) and i already have Mandrake community 10.1 on disk to install if there are ones aeasier then them then please tell me.

    Also is it better to install by DVD or CD or is it less reliable to install by DVD.

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    If FC doesnt work out for you. I would check out Yoper or Vectorlinux. Both can be found at one of my favorite places.
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    Hi weaselsrck,

    I have heard that Mandrake is a good beginner distro (although I haven't had luck installing it but I am on a laptop). Also, Xandros is supposed to be super easy for newbies. You can get the OCE (I think that stands for Open Community Edition) for free from their website although I believe you have to use BitTorrent. I use Fedora Core 3 and find it to be a good distro.

    Hope that helps,
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    FC should work out for you just fine, a few other good n00b distros are SuSE and mandrake.

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    VidaLinux is great if you want a pre-built Gentoo environment

    I would personally stay away from Fedora and Mandrake, but thats just me

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    Mandrake and SuSe are good beginner distros. I've put a few of my windoze user friends on SuSe they find the switch very pleasant. BTW welcome to Linux

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    i just started using Fedora about a week ago and things are going good. I am startng to get stuff to work that in the past i would have had no clue where to start. Forums like these have been a big help. Overall I would say that I am pleased with fedora.
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    being a newbie too i suggest that u be careful if u install nvidia drivers cos ive just screwed up my SUSE for the THIRD!! yes THIRD time and this time i really need to do it properly after i reinstall it

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    Thanks everyone for the replies.

    At the moment i am just installing Fedora Core and i will post here when i finish at the moment i am getting /volume errors when trying to install but i fixed that then my disc had to naff up so i am writing a new one.

    I am also trying to install Fedora on my laptop but when i do i can't use the graphical installation and the Text installation is more confusing.

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    I don't think the bootloader installed so how do i ghet fedora to dtart all i get is a boot list with Windows Xp and GRUB on it and GRUB is something else so how do i get Fedora on the list.

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