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Thread: Newb question

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    Newb question

    I know that alot of people ask a similar question to this and I have tried the sticky and looked through all of that and I am still unsure. I have WINXP right now and am not sure if I want to give it up or not. I really want to know what Linux distribution to use. My hardware specs are as follows...
    AMD Athlon XP 2600+
    1.91 GHz, 512 MB of RAM

    Please don't just tell me to go to the sticky, I have tried
    P.S. If you think it is much better I will give up windows for good.

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    I would say Suse, Mepis, or Ubuntu. Mepis and Ubuntu both have live CDs so you can try them out without installing them. All 3 are nice and user friendly.


    eep forgot that suse also has a 9.2 live DVD

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    A whole bunch of distros will work with those specs.
    From one newb to another, I wouldn't give up Windows yet. Try dual-booting for awhile.
    As for which distro, you could try SUSE 9.2, if you have a high speed internet and a dvd burner. you can dl and burn thiis to a dvd.

    Yoper and Vectorlinux are 2 really good distros, and they both will fit on one cd.

    If you don't have any burner, check out they have really inexpensive distros.

    Somebody said on this site that Ubuntu was giving out free cd's.

    Hope this helps.
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    All distros will work with those specs.

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    Re: Newb question

    Quote Originally Posted by DOESNEONECARE
    P.S. If you think it is much better I will give up windows for good.
    C'mon, man! Linux gives you wings, not gonads! Have you tried any of the live CDs? That's the very best way to see if the look and feel of Linux (let alone the security, support, cost effectiveness, beauty, elegance, flexibility and inherent goodness) is right for you. Truth is, right now, Linux is a bit of of work for most new users.

    Your hardware is okay for any modern Linux. You didn't note your drive space. If you can spare 5 to 10 Gb, you can do a pretty complete install. I think Knoppix (one of the best live CDs) can create a persistant file to hold your information (since the CD can't store it).

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    Live CDs are a good way to try linux

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    I started using linux at the beginning of march. I started with Yoper, it's awesome. Even on my crappy system it's fast! Advise, start off dual booting with windows until you get used to linux. Then once you figured out the basics of it, get rid of windows and make your linux partitions larger. That's what I did. I hated having windows on my comp, especially with my 20 gig hdd, it took up too much space.

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    All distros could work on that specs. You should try some user friendly distros for beginning like Mandrake, Suse or Ubuntu.
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    Quote Originally Posted by budman7
    From one newb to another, I wouldn't give up Windows yet. Try dual-booting for awhile.
    Dual-boot is shurely the best to start with. You have time to sort things out, test if "it" will work, etc... After some time, you feel confident, just go 100% Linux. Doubtful, stay dual-booting. Or (I hope not) you find out Linux isn't your cup of tea, drop it.

    As the distribution goes, many to choose from.
    Check out Distrowatch. The top-10 should give plenty to choose from

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    i use fc3
    i kndda like it
    but ultimately it is ur choice........................
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