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    Windows Server & Linux

    Let me start by saying I know ZIP about Linux.

    So, here is my Dilemma,
    I want to download and install either "Freevo" or "MythTv" (PVR's, Like TiVo), both are linux based. And I know that I will have to install Linux on this machine.

    My question is, I have a Windows server where all my Media files are located. (MPEG, MP3's, etc) How, or can I use the files from my Windows server to play on the Linux machine, and can I save recorded shows from my Linux machine to my Windows server? Can this be done?

    Also, are .mp3, MPEG, AVI, and other media files cross compatible between the two OS's? Meaning can I play the same .mp3 on both the Linux and Windows OS?

    Help would GREATLY be Appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance,
    Pure Panic

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    I know you can view/use .mp3's on a linux OS from a windows (FAT32/NTFS) partition by mounting the partition with the media on it. This isn't as easy as said. I have been trying to mount my windows partition with no luck, but I only installed linux yesterday. Maybe you will have better luck with it.

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    first off yes those files are compatible i have a bunch of mp3's that i listen to on my linux box that im sharing on a fat32 drive with my windows partition. i can play everything in there in windows or linux.

    i will get the command one how to mnt a fat32 drive and get back to you on that.

    ok i think it is like this
    mount vfat /dev/device /mnt/windows
    where it says device you need to put the the hd that is your fat32 drive. i think you can find this out by using fdisk but not exactly sure i will have to double check and since im at work i cant jst look at my machine if you havent been helped by the time i get home i will let you know.
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    Just a quick reminder to anyone using Redhat 8 or 9, if trying to use Xmms when playing mp3's ... it won't work. you have to go to and download the specially made rpm for it. i forget the exact URL off the top of my head. but that is just as much for everyone else as it is for Pure Panic. its not hard though, just download the rpm and do a
    rpm -Uvh xmms.mp3*.rpm

    (and no that is NOT the exact file name, but it will have something like mp3 and rh8 or rh9 in it)
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