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    How do I run firefox?

    I downloaded firefox 1.0.2 and then went and installed this in /usr/lib (have Mdk 10.1).

    1 - Where do people tend to install software? Is there a general rule of thumb ? I know I've seen reference to people installing in /usr/src but was curious

    2 - How do I get firefox (in fact any program I install) to appear on one of my menus? At the moment I physically have to navigate to the install directory and then I double click on the firefox script. I tried typing the name in a console but it wouldnt work.

    3 - In the firefox folder there is also a file. What does this do?


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    Why not just install it via rpm? Then it would show up in your menus, etc.
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    Why didnt I?

    Well I went in to the firefox web site and saw that there was a donload so done that. Didn't see any rpm. The download is a windos type installer...

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    The easiest way to install software in Mandrake is to set up urpmi sources and then use the software installation tools in the Mandrake Control Center. This site will walk you through adding sources:

    I recommend setting up the main source (and then disabling your CDs in the Media Manager in the Mandrake Control Center) so that you don't have to shuffle through CDs to install software. I also gave you a link to the firefox rpm above.

    I also recommend setting up the contrib and plf sources. They contain a lot of software not included in the default CDs.
    There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence.

    - Jeremy S. Anderson

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    How do I run Firefox

    I run Firefox off of a icon on my desktop. I just put up any old icon and edit it's properties. I install all of my stuff in /usr/bin.
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    OK I'll try disabling the cds in the media manager. Try to uninstall firefox as it stands and then reinstall via urmpi

    Fingers crossed!!!

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    left click on desktop, new link to application

    '/usr/bin/firefox' or wherever you have it installed.

    or from console

    cd /usr/bin

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    usually install it in /usr/bin or seomtimes /usr/local/bin and im not sure about you but anything thats in /usr/bin for me no matter what directory i am in i just type in the program and it opens

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    Anything in your $PATH variable can be run simply by typing the command. For example, my $PATH is:

    You can see your $PATH by typing

    echo $PATH
    in the terminal.

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    I have the rpm and will install later. I will try to remember in future to install from rpms as much as poss!!

    For my reference - Can anybody tell me how to add items to the mandrake menus please? I'm sure there must be a file around somewhere but I have yet to find it..

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