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    Some help for a newbie

    Hi Guys,
    I've joined this forum recently. I've already worked on Red Hat Linux 6.0. Now I'm thinking of upgarding to ver 9.0. I'm just a toddler in the linux domain . So could you guys tell me whether I should go ahead. I want ko keep my system on dual-boot the other one being Windows XP Professional.Plaese help a newbie.
    Looking forward for your co-operation. Signing off.......

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    Yes If you can get your hands on a copy of 9 i would suggest an upgrade. Make sure you format your Linux partition and not your windows partition. Should be Ext2 or something like that.

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    Thanx man!

    Thanx for the confidence. I'll let you know when I finish the installation. Till then............

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    definately go for an upgrade, you'll find that RH 9.0 has a lot more facilities.

    The upgrade is, noramlly, by means of 3 CDs (either buy , or download, or go to a site that downloads them for you and let's you buy the ready burnt CDs).

    You can either do a fresh install or an Upgrade an existing installation. Choice is yours, depends on how much stuff you definately want to keep from RH 6.0 (the fresh install will format/wipe your hard disks (only the Linux partions).

    You simply put in CD 1, boot up, and your PC should boot from the CD (this [boot device order], is controlled by the BIOS settings). When you get to the, graphical, section about letting Linux automatically partition your hard disk, select the option (the second one) to manually format the disk with something called Disk Druid. This will show you what you arleady have (which partions are where and what sort of filesystem is on them). You need to keep your XP partion, so make sure that that one does NOT have a "Format ?" tick next to it. You need two partions for RH 9.0 One, the big one, is for all of the Linux stuff and has a mount point called root (/), the second, smaller partition is for your swap files and should be twice the size of the RAM you have.

    The larger Linux partition should be either ext2 or ext3 format while the smaller SWAP partition must be of the SWAP format.

    You may find that you already have these partions, thanks to RH 6, so you can skip the format the partions bit (remove the ticks from the relevant partions in the list).

    If you have a boot partion (/boot) you can either keep it or get rid of it as it is no longer required.

    As for boot loader/manager, my personal favorite is GRUB installed on the mbr (master boot record), but some people prefer LILO. Either will allow you to specify your XP partion. Unless, that is you have an XP boot loader that you want to keep, in which case, keep it.

    have fun


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