Hello everybody.

I'm trying to add my HP Deskjet 843C in Ubuntu (5.04) and I'm having the following problems:

* I cannot use the CUPS web-interface to install it. It asks me repeatedly for a password but it won't accept neither the normal user password nor a root password. I've read a lot of forum messages about this, and I'm not sure this 1st way is even possible in Ubuntu (I read somewhere I had to do "adduser cupsys shadow" in console, but I don't understand why, and anyway it was to no avail).

* I cannot use the CUPS GUI in Gnome. It freezes after a couple of screens. I guess it's because it is equally unsure about my privileges as it is in the web interface, but I don't know. Besides, I have to start CUPS in console before running the applet. Is that normal?

* Foomatic. I don't really know where to begin. In the second screen of the wizard, there is a list of ports to choose from, but no USB port. What do I have to do?

Thanks for your help!