Hey everyone this is my first post, and I'm wondering if anyone could help me with this issue I'm having. I recently purchased a Best Data external modem so I could finaly get on-line with Linux on my dual boot system. After configuring it for Windows I switched over to Fedora and ran the Network Device Control Panel and set it up with no problems. I was able to connect with it the first time (right after I configure it) but the next time i booted into Fedora and tried to activate the modem it came back with "unable to connect with error 2". If I uninstall the modem and go through the process all over again (a pain in the butt) it works fine until I reboot. Why? And what is error 2. I bought this modem for the sole reason that I could use it with Linux but i don't want anything to do with it if it means uninstalling everytime I want to use it. What gives. I've gone into the BIOS and switch the serial port from auto to COM1 but thats all the fidgiting I've done. I have some computer knowledge and I'm never scared to try something new ( how else can one learn). If anyone has feed back on this that would be great. Post or mail me. If I left any important info just ask.
Thanks in advance