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    installing and running programs

    im a new linux user, surprise surprise, and ive tried a few distros, slackware,gentoo,mandrake, but the one i use the most is ubuntu. I know that you use the apt-get install blahblah to install a program, but once it is installed im not sure how to run it. Is there a unified way of checking installed programs on a linux machine, and from there how to run a selected program from the command line.

    eg, i installed dchp3-server through apt-get install and now im not sure how to run it, i understand theres a .conf file to modify but is there a way of actually running it and (maybe) seeing it?


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    Get familiar with the Linux file system structure as this will help you a lot.

    Most apps are started using a command stored in either the /bin /usr/bin /usr/share/bin /sbin /usr/share/sbin directories depending on what kind of apps they are and what distro you use. "bin" stores apps, "sbin" is system apps.

    An easy way to find something on your box is the locate command.
    "locate <name>"
    "slocate <name>"
    depending on which you have.

    File locations are stored in a database. This database can be made current by issuing the command "updatedb".

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    Maybe type "dhcp" and then hit the <tab> key a few times for a list of autocomplete entries.

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