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    Problem with booting & LILO

    This is a rather weird problem, which has been on my linux server for 1,5 years now.

    This is how it occurs:
    Every time I boot the server with 'shutdown -r now' the server kills every process nicely, boots the machine and then stalls on the LILO load.
    Yesterday I ran in the new kernel (and newest LILO, of course) and booted up. The output on screen was like this:
    "L 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 ..." (and 99's kept going till they filled up half of the screen.)
    I ctrl-alt-del-booted the machine and up it went. LILO loaded itself smoothly and my box went up as well.
    Previously with kernel 2.4.18 (and older LILO, 22.2 maybe?) the output was only "LI". And every time the problem could be solved by pressing ctrl-alt-del or reset after LILO hang up.

    I know that there are troubleshooters which explain the meanings of letters L, I, L and O but I just don't understand why the problem comes up only after booting the server. If I cold-start it, the server starts Linux without any problems.

    Any ideas?

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    Did you reconfigure lilo after upgrading the kernel ? Did you reinstall lilo ?

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    I ran only /sbin/lilo after adding the new kernel into lilo.conf.
    Should I even re-install it, or what do you mean?

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    It would be helpful to note that users with older hardware, who encounter the L 99 99 99 99 ... error, that adding "linear" in lilo.conf may solve the problem. (It did for me!)

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    I meant reinstalling it in the boot sector ie. running /sbin/lilo. Well if you modified lilo.conf and installed it to the MBR again, then something is probably wrong in the lilio.conf file.
    I also had 99 999 99 99 9 on my screen when I moved linux to another partition but didn't run sbin/lilo.

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    I had that problem a while back...

    Make sure that LILO is installed on the same HD as your /boot directory.

    Also, go to the kernel and run "make install". If I remember correctly, that's what fixed it for me.

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    after running /sbin/lilo...
    Fatal: May specify only one of GEOMETRIC, LINEAR or LBA32
    I don't know if I have "that" old hardware, but I'll give the "linear" instead of "lba32" a try.
    My server is almost the Harley Davidson of all PCs having Celeron 300MHz, Intel SE-440BX2 motherboard, 128MB of PC-100 Samsung memory, 10GB Samsung SpinPoint HD etc.

    EDIT: For a second thought I think I'll keep the lba32 setting since my Samsung has 1240 cylinders and lba32-option seems to be for harddrives having more than 1024 cylinders. Without lba32 the whole HD wouldn't be accessible, if I understood correctly.
    EDIT2: Notice that the problem occurs only half of the time! (At rebooting only.)

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