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Thread: MEPIS?

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    Hey everyone, sorry i havent posted for quite some time but my internet has been disconnected at my household

    anyways im working on installing linux on a laptop of mine and i dont know what distrobution to get, lately ive heard of a (new?) distro called MEPIS? i dont know much about it but my original plans were to use Gentoo, so i really dont know which one i should use

    its not a good laptop but it is one: its a Pentium 2 with 20 gigs of space, its got about 256MB of ram and some wierd graphics card, NeoMagic i believe? anyways id love to hear some things about MEPIS and maybe a user/someone who would know which is better?


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    I use ProMepis 2005.b04 on my second machine. I like it as it's easy, being still fairly new to Linux. So far I have been able to play DVD's without having to download any codecs...

    Java is there, so as a Linux novice, you don't have the pain of getting it to work in Firefox... What I consider good about it may not be what others consider anything special. I suppose the most important thing is that it seems stable, and I have had no problems whatsoever. There seems to be an awful lot packed into Mepis, so I don't think there will be anything you find you'll have to download after the install. It is very quick & easy to install as well.

    I have had SuSE 9.1 running on a laptop with a similar spec to yours and that was fine, so I'd imagine you'll have no problems with Mepis.

    Hope this helps...

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    I had simplymepis 3.3 installed, and I have to say: it's an excellent distro. But so is gentoo. If you want lots of control and the ability to optimize everything for your exact hardware, go for gentoo. If you want something easy, simple to use and which you test how nice works before installing, go for mepis. Your choice, I would anyway leave a small partition for testing othr distros so you wont have to remove for example mepis to try ubuntu, and then you liked mepis better and wan't to go back but all the extra installed apps and stuff was gone...

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    I've tried Mepis and it's a good distro if you want something easy to install and run.
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